I ♥ FLEA (iheartflea) wrote,

Welcome to I ♥ FLEA

Welcome to iheartflea, an open community for sgselltrade members & the general public. We will provide a listing of flea markets all across Singapore, as well as reviews, pricelists and photos. Add us to your friends list or check this site for the latest updates on flea markets around town!

♥ ♥ ♥

Please comment with your email address to be added. You will be notified of any upcoming iheartflea Flea Markets. Comments will be screened to protect your email address. Alternatively, you may also email us at iheartflea@gmail.com.

EDIT (31 Mar 2009): Thanks everyone for commenting! We've updated our mailing list to reflect everyone who has commented up to 30 Mar 2009. Keep those comments coming in! We'll be sending out a notice really soon ;)

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